• Gorgeous Summer Legs
    Easy, quick and non-invasive removal of fat pads, cellulite as well as ugly spider veins.
  • Goodbye, Wrinkles!
    A fresh, young look is an expression of health, attractiveness as well as professionalism.
  • It's a Man's World
    Contrary to popular belief, men are far more concerned with their appearance as you think.
  • Unique in Switzerland: Mommy Make-Over
    Dr. Linde specializes in "Mommy Make-Over" treatments.
  • SKIN-MED: An Anti-Aging Revolution
    "SKIN-MED is the most powerful wrinkle reduction treatment without injection." (Dr. Linde)
  • HCG: the famous Diet from Hollywood
    Lose 7-10kg in 6 weeks with the revolutionary HCG Diet.
  • Cryolipo: Ice Body Sculpting
    Non-surgical fat removal through advanced cooling technology, now with 10% discount!

Dr. Med. Nikolaus Linde

Dr. Linde is an international beauty expert and an acclaimed keynote speaker at conferences all over the world. He is specialized in the treatment of fat pads, wrinkles and transformations of the skin with the latest, most innovative technologies. Dr. Linde trains doctors in his International Academies and enjoys passing on his knowledge as well as his experience in the field of aesthetics. 

Every year, Dr. Linde performs approximately 700 vein surgeries, 650 liposuctions and 2000 face treatments with botulinum toxin/filler.