In Dr. Linde's LIPOCLINIC , the removal of diet-resistant fat pads is the main focus. Dr. Linde applies minimal-invasive, ambulant treatment concepts using the latest technologies, allowing results that have never been possible before. For the first time in Switzerland, it is now possible to treat smaller fat pads without operation but with ultrasound or cryolipolysis. The LIPOCLINIC is further specialized in the treatment of cellulite using Endermologie, LaEvita as well as the HCG diet

Breast augmentations or reductions are among the most often requested interventions for women. Together with Dr. Gallenkämper, expert for plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Linde tries to find a personal solution for every woman in order to give her the body of her dreams (back). New methods such as injecting Macrolane™ or autologous fat replace previous surgeries and allow completely new dimensions of breast augmentation. 

Hyperhidrosis − or excessive sweating − is a disorder which affects 2-4% of the population in Switzerland. People suffering from hyperhidrosis often sweat uncontrollably, independent of the temperature or the degree of physical activities. Hyperhidrosis is considered a result of over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Diverse treatment methods offer relief.

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HCG Diet

The HCG Diet

Dr. Linde talks about losing weight through the HCG Diet.

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