Contrary to popular belief, men are far more concerned with their appearance than they're willing to admit.

Not only are looks important for the personal well-being of an individual, scientific studies have shown that there is also a clear correlation between physical attractiveness as well as professional success. 

Spending many hours every week working out isn't enough anymore for the "man of today". He also wants to smell good, look good and feel good. Cosmetics for men are "the next big thing" in beauty products, the sales of hair growth treatments for balding men has exploded in the past few years. Looking good doesn't stop here. More and more men decide on aesthetic treatments in order to look the way they want to look. 

The percentage of men that visit us is growing continuously. 35% of our patients in the past year were men. 

Here are the most popular treatments for men: 

Eyelid Surgery

This surgery − also known as blepharoplasty − is often requested in order to give the face a fresher and more youthful look.

Facial Correction

Corrections of the ears, the nose, the chin or the entire face are the most common surgeries. In some cases, impressive results can be achieved using minimal-invasive treatments (fillers, botulinum toxin or autologous fat). In other cases, plastic surgery is inevitable.

Resistant Fat Pads

Genetic and hormonal factors, as well as age and nutrition lead to diet-resistant fat pads. The liposuction is the most popular aesthetic treatment for men. Liposuctions nowadays are performed under local anesthesia so that the patient can return to work the next day. The most often requested areas include stomach, love handles (waist), chest and double-chin. 


Many men hope for a so-called "sixpack". If the patient has a normal weight and works out on a regular basis (muscle building), this wish can very soon become true. Using autologous fat, hyaluronic acid or applying a special technique during liposuction, a "sixpack during lunch break" can now become reality. 

Muscle Formation

Hyaluronic acid and autologous fat can often lead to results that can otherwise only be achieved through weeks and weeks of physical training. Depending on the body zone, implants can also be inserted (if requested). The most popular treatments are augmentations of the calves, the chest muscles or the biceps.

Skin Tightening

Many men ask for skin tightening treatments in order to get a tighter butt, firmer arms and thighs as well as better abs.

Hair Transplantation

Hair loss in men often causes anxiety, stress as well as a drop in self-confidence. Hormonal treatments as well as hair transplantation using the newest technologies can both halt and reverse male hair loss.

Permanent Hair Removal

Many men are suffering from excessive body hair – especially on their chest and their back. New methods such as the IPL technology allow permanent hair removal through laser impulses, 4-6 treatments are usually enough for long-term results.

Spider Veins

More and more men are bothered by their spider veins, laser technologies and foam sclerotherapy reach excellent aesthetic results.


Botulinum toxin can quickly and effectively help against excessive sweating.

Removal of Tattoos

Youthful follies in the shape of tattoos can easily be removed without scars or risks thanks to the latest laser technologies.


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