Mommy Make-Over

Dr. Linde is the first − and so far the only − physician in Switzerland who is specialized in so-called "Mommy Make-Over" treatments. Enjoy your pregnancy, giving birth and breastfeeding. Do not worry about changes in your body which are absolutely normal.

It is inevitable that the female body will alter during and after every pregnancy. Besides a weight gain, women often complain about stretch marks, saggy breasts as well as increased cellulite. While women in the past have often neglected their own well-being, most women nowadays want it all: Besides being a devoted mother, they want to remain themselves − a self-confident, attractive lady. The sooner the unwanted effects of childbearing and age are reversed, the sooner the joys of motherhood can be fully enjoyed. More and more women ask for aesthetic treatments directly after having given birth when they're still at the hospital.

The body of every woman is different which is why all our treatment approaches are unique. Based on a comprehensive consultation, we will analyze your body and create a treatment plan based on your individual needs. 

A selection of our methods:

   •  special diets enabling rapid but long-term weight loss (HCG Diet)
   •  breast firming/lifting   
   •  tummy tuck
   •  body sculpting with liposuction (Smooth Lipo®, LIPOMAX®
   •  treatment of cellulite 
   •  removal of stretch marks

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