Venous disorders are chronic illnesses that will continue to progress and lead to complications, if left untreated. The earlier a patient starts adequate treatment, the better the recovery chances are and the more beautiful the results will be.

Every person is different which is why we always compile an individual treatment program for each patient. A combination of diverse methods often leads to the best effects in the long-term. We generally try to apply treatments under local anesthesia so that our patient can leave the clinic immediately post-treatment. Thanks to the latest technologies, the treatment of veins nowadays is pain-free, unproblematic and quick

We are specialized in

  • pain-free diagnosis using color ultrasound
  • foam sclerotherapy
  • innovative methods such as radio frequency (VNUS closure) or laser (ELVeSTM) in order to shrink veins
  • the revolutionary CHIVA method that cures veins without destruction or removal of the vein
  • the treatment of spider veins using sclerotherapy and laser
  • lipedema (thick leg due to unproportional fat accumulation)

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For more information, please have a look at our PDF brochure regarding this topic:

Venen lasern en


Veins: Individual treatment of venous disorders.

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